Dive into the blue water, with hu!

Parco acquatico
Parco acquatico
Parco acquatico sul mare in Toscana sulla Costa
Parco acquatico in villaggio vacanza
Parco acquatico con scivolo per bambini
Piscina olimpionica in villaggio vacanze

17 thousand square metres of pools, lagoons and spray parks for swimming and fun.

Because we know that fun in the pool, relaxation in the sun and safe swimming for your kids are an essential ingredient in a holiday. All this lies at the heart of your holiday and the heart of our villages.

Along with a refreshing drink from the pool bar, fun in the water organised by the entertainment team and aqua bike classes. A world of water and happiness.

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Jump into our pools. Try them all and choose the one you love!

The lagoons

30 cm deep, 100% happiness! So the little ones can play in total safety and you can relax and enjoy the sun. The lagoons are the most popular pools for families, with their soft bottoms and long slides for acrobatics.

The 25 and 50 metre pools

And then there are the pools with deeper water. Plenty of space for swimming, cooling off and joining in with the entertainment team’s classes and activities with friends.

Spray Park, whirlpool tubs and baby lagoon

We wanted to go the extra mile! Even more fun with water jets and attractions in the Spray Park pools, extra pampering in the whirlpool tubs and safety for tiny tots in the baby lagoons.

The swimming pool area

It’s not just about the pools. For an hour’s relaxation, to lie in the sun and chat to your friends, you have all the space you need. Spacious sunbathing areas with sun loungers, umbrellas and above all, plenty of greenery all around you.

Mare in Toscana dove andare in campeggio

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Parco acquatico in campeggio nel Chianti

Like little self-contained worlds, a host of hu villages to discover.

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