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Ultimo aggiornamento: March 8th, 2023

Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we want to guarantee you flexibility and security. EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A. insurance, included in your booking*, gives you:

• coverage before your stay: reimbursement of penalties for cancellations that were unforeseeable at the time of booking and can be certified;
• coverage during your stay: healthcare and vehicle assistance, reimbursement of medical expenses and trip changes;
• maximum flexibility in the event of COVID-19.

FAQ - Cancellation guarantee for Covid-19

  1. What cases does the insurance cover?
    With EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A. you can benefit from full coverage before and during your trip. You are covered for trip cancellation, healthcare and reimbursement of medical expenses from the day of departure to the day of return, vehicle assistance and trip changes for paid and unused days.
    To activate the policy coverage, you will need to contact the EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A. operations centre directly. Find out all the details in the Manual.

  2. When can I activate the cancellation?
    You can activate the insurance if the cancellation is due to causes that are sudden or unforeseeable at the time of booking and can be certified > Article 27 Exclusions.
    You can also obtain a refund if you have to cancel the trip due to a positive COVID-19 result confirmed by reports (rapid or molecular swab with a positive result) or certified quarantine.
    The coverage is valid for the insured and/or his/her cohabiting family members and/or travel companion.

  3. Is there coverage in the event of certified quarantine?
    Yes, cover is provided if, following a positive or doubtful rapid or molecular swab and/or pending further diagnostic testing, you are unable to travel.
    Quarantine is therefore covered if you, your child/spouse/travel companion/partner have come into contact with a positive COVID case and following a positive or doubtful initial test you are awaiting a definite test (rapid or molecular swab).
    This means that the time frame in which you were supposed to leave is also covered, but you cannot proceed because you are waiting for diagnostic tests (which may also be negative) but the date of departure can no longer be respected.

  4. Am I also covered for government restrictions such as traveling between different regions or countries?
    Yes, you are covered in this case too. If you are unable to change the date and/or destination of your booking, Human Company will refund the total amount paid (in this case, and only in this case, you do not need to activate EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A. insurance).

  5. What should I do to cancel the booking and get a refund?
    1)To cancel your stay, we ask you to send an email to the accommodation where you booked. Our staff will provide you with the necessary support, explaining all the options for cancellation and information on penalties in accordance with the conditions of cancellation set out in the contract.
    Once the cancellation of the booking has been confirmed with the hotel, you will receive the penalty statement necessary to open the insurance case directly with EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A..
    2)To open the insurance procedure for reimbursement, you must contact EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A. insurance directly through the web page or via FAX, providing personal information and the necessary documents. Find out all the details in the Manual.

  1. What do I need to do to request healthcare and vehicle assistance, reimbursement of medical expenses or trip changes?
    For healthcare and vehicle assistance, you will need to contact EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A. directly on 02 58240386.
    For reimbursement of medical expenses, you will need to contact EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.P.A. on 02 58240386 and make a report on the portal within 60 days.
    For reimbursement in the event of trip changes, you will need to send a report on the portal within 60 days.
    Find out all the details in the Manual.

The insurance coverage is not valid at these establishments: hu Birkelt village and hu Florence/Rome/Venice campsites in town.
** The modification of the booking is subject to variable rates based on the period and destination. For more information contact the property.



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