Human becomes hu openair.

It rhymes with "you", because the journey we started out on almost forty years ago would not have been possible without you. We have changed our name, but our values and our goals haven't changed a bit: to help you to experience the outdoors, with open arms

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And yes, we still love greenery, endless horizons, and spaces to explore, discover and enjoy. And above all,

we love hu!
Did you know that in our huniverse we have 10 different destinations?

hu has just been created, but we have been doing hospitality for 40 years.

You probably know this, because one of our greatest sources of pride is knowing that the people who choose us for their open-air holidays keep coming back year after year to our village and camping in town.

We like to think that we are one big family that likes to get together and always welcome new friends.

Accommodations, water parks and much more

For hu, we only provide open-air hospitality.

Very comfortable accommodations, surrounded by trees and immersed in nature. Water parks with lagoons, slides, spray parks for diving and fun. But also fresh local products, tours organised by our staff and much more!

Our openair
made for

We want to offer you more than just a holiday or a stay.
We want you to enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience, a holiday tailor-made for you.

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