General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

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General terms and conditions of the contract of sale




The sale of accommodation services, whether it concerns services to be provided in Italy abroad, is governed, in addition to these general conditions, by the regulations in force on the subject and in particular by the so-called Tourism Code (Legislative Decree no. 79\2011), as well as by the specific conditions applicable on a case-by-case basis.


For the purposes of this contract, the following definitions are provided:

A. Group Human Company: the legal entity that provides the accommodation services for a fee, the complete list of each subject referred to for each Establishment is published at the bottom of these terms and conditions (hereinafter Human Company);

B. Establishment: the accommodation facility where the Consumer will be hosted following payment of the price

C. Customer: the buyer, any person who purchases the service;

D. Guest: the person who benefits from the services purchased by the Customer;

E. Price: the cost of accommodation at the Establishment and related services purchased from this portal and in a single lump sum payment, excluding taxes that cannot be enforced at the time of purchase;


The booking request must be made through the appropriate contract form; in case of electronic format, the form must be fully completed and signed up by the Customer, who will receive a copy of it. Acceptance of bookings is only considered complete, with the consequent conclusion of the contract, when Human Company sends confirmation to the Customer, including in digital form, after receiving the amount for the deposit. In the event that more than one stay is purchased, it will be necessary to complete multiple contractual booking forms.


• Flexible mode

RELAX rate: At the time of booking, or at the time of the reservation of the services, the Client must pay, as a deposit, an amount equal to 30% of the total price; the balance of the reservation equal to 70% of the price of the reservation must be paid, by bank transfer or credit card, at least 30 days before the first day indicated in the reservation. In the event of non-payment of the amounts referred to above on the established dates, the cancellation will be communicated by Human Company to the Client at the contact details provided during the booking process.

Only the RELAX rate, for facilities in Italy, provides in the price the insurance coverage including Europ Assistance to request reimbursement of penalties applied in the event of cancellation.

• Standard mode

STANDARD rate: At the time of booking, or at the time of the reservation request, a credit card will be required as a guarantee and the balance of the reservation must be paid upon arrival at the property.

When Human Company requests a credit card during the booking enquiry process, the Client, by providing this information, expressly authorises Human Company to use it as a means of collecting the sums due to it. No amount will be charged to the card before the deadline within which the Customer has undertaken to make payments has expired: in the case of a "non-refundable" booking, the full amount of the reservation will be immediately charged to the card if it is not paid with other means.

If the contract entered into by the Customer provides for penalties, the amount thereof can be optioned (so-called pre-authorisation) on the credit card provided from the moment in which these penalties become enforceable in the event of default on the part of the Customer. No amount will be charged in the event of regular compliance by the Customer, and any sums optioned will be immediately released when the conditions for enforcing a penalty no longer exist (the times in which the amount is actually available to the Customer may vary depending on the type of card used).

• Non-refundable mode

NON-REFUNDABLE rate: Payment of the full amount must be made at the time of booking, i.e. at the time of the request to purchase the services. If this is not the case, the reservation cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

• Light mode

CAREFREE rate: No guarantee of payment will be required at the time of booking, i.e. at the time of the reservation request, and the balance of the reservation must be paid upon arrival at the property.


If the Client decides to cancel the booking and therefore withdraws from the agreement made with Human Company, he/she may be charged a penalty: the amount of this is shown below, specifying that the Client, by concluding the agreement with Human Company and purchasing its services, undertakes to pay these amounts, recognising them as reasonable.

The following withdrawal methods and possible penalties vary depending on the flexible, standard, non-refundable or light mode chosen as specified below.

• Flexible mode

• 30% of the total price of the tourist service in case of withdrawal with more than 30 days notice from the check-in date;
• 50% of the total price of the tourist service in case of withdrawal exercised with notice of between 29 and 15 days from the check-in date;
• 75% of the total price of the tourist service in case of withdrawal exercised with notice of between 14 and 7 days before the check-in date;
• 90% of the total price of the tourist service in case of withdrawal exercised with notice of between 6 and 3 days before the check-in date;
• 100% of the total price of the tourist service in case of withdrawal exercised with notice equal to or less than 2 days before the check-in date.

In Italy, the RELAX rate includes Europ Assistance insurance coverage for reimbursement of penalties applied in the event of cancellation.

• Standard mode

No penalty will be charged to the Customer if they communicate their desire to withdraw up to 24 hours before 00:00 on the first day indicated in the booking. If the Client withdraws from the contract after this deadline, the Client will be charged a penalty equal to the cost indicated for the first night's stay at the Property and the reservation shall be considered definitively cancelled.

• Non-refundable mode

If the Customer withdraws from the contract at any time, they will be charged a penalty equal to 100% of the Price.

• Light mode

The Customer will not be charged a penalty if the contract is cancelled at any time.


Modifications requested by the Customer to bookings that have already been confirmed are not obligatory for Human Company in cases in which they cannot be satisfied. Any request for modifications by the Customer shall incur the additional payment of the amount determined by Human Company in light of the type of modification requested. The reduction in the number of guests\services that refer to a single booking made by a Customer is to be understood as a "partial withdrawal" of the latter and therefore subject to the provisions of these general terms and conditions.

Any significant modification of the service or an essential element thereof by Human Company must be accepted and/or rejected by the Customer. Acceptance or rejection of the amendment must reach the Human Company within two working days of receiving the notice of amendment. In case of refusal, the Customer may either exercise the right to acquire the amount already paid or use another service of equivalent or higher quality, without any price surcharge, or a service of lower quality with a refund for the difference in price.


Customers and Guests must have a valid identity document for registration upon arrival at the Establishment as per the contract, as well as any residence and transit visas and health certificates that may be required, and in any case the documentation requested in relation to their nationality and origin. In this regard, it should be noted that, for Establishments in Italy, pursuant to Royal Decree no. 773/1931, accommodation will only be granted to persons holding an identity card or other suitable document certifying their identity, according to the regulations in force and that, with reference to citizens not coming from the European Union, it will be necessary to show a passport or other document considered equivalent to it under international agreements, provided that they have a photograph of the holder. Please note that minors who are not accompanied by their parents may only be accommodated in accordance with the law if they are accompanied by a person of legal age who has a written authorisation and power of attorney from the minor's parents and who assumes responsibility in writing for the person accompanying them as part of their family group for single accommodation. In any case, before departure, Guests must verify that their general information relating to health obligations and documentation necessary for expatriation with the competent authorities is up to date, making any necessary changes before the trip. If such document checks are not carried out, no responsibility for the non-use of one or more services by one or more Customers can be attributed to Human Company. Customers and Guests must also comply with the rules of due care and diligence and with the specific rules in force in their destination countries, as well as with the internal regulations of the Establishments, a copy of which can also be requested by email from the addresses listed on this website. Guests will be held responsible for all damages that Human Company may suffer due to the non-fulfilment of the aforementioned obligations.


Any alleged failure in the execution of the contract must be contested by the Customer without delay and within 48 hours, via email to be sent to the following address: [email protected]


• Flexible mode – RELAX rate: To take advantage of the insurance coverage guaranteed by Europ Assistance and included in the Price, the Customer must fill in all the fields in the booking request, whether this is represented by the contractual form in paper or electronic format. It is mandatory at the time of booking to enter all the names of the participants in the trip to ensure insurance coverage. For information on insurance coverage click here: operation relax insurance

• Standard mode – STANDARD rate: no insurance coverage included.

• Non-refundable mode – NON_REFUNDABLE rate: no insurance coverage included.

• Light mode – CAREFREE rate: no insurance coverage included.


Photos or videos may be taken at the Facilities for advertising purposes. This circumstance will always be duly reported by the staff at the aforementioned Facilities, as well as by specific signs. If the Customer does not want to appear in such photos or video footage, they are requested not to access the areas involved for the period strictly necessary to complete the operation. They should also notify the Establishment of their refusal for it to use or make materials portraying them. If the Customer still accesses the areas, their will be deemed to have consented to being included in the photo/video material.